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The Blades
I choose time tested steels for my knives with a proven track record. In addition to the many excellent traditional carbon and alloy tool steels, I also like AEB-L and its close cousin 14C28N, a Swedish variation. These steels retain the excellent edge quality found in traditional carbon tool steels but with the added benefit of being stainless. 
The Sheaths
Most of my knives come standard with a kydex sheath. If you would like an additional leather sheath for your knife just let me know and I'll get with you to arrange it.


Kydex is an excellent way to carry hard use knives and firearms. Polymer sheaths can be made to permit carry in virtually any position and can frequently be configured for multiple carry options. Polymers are tough, waterproof, and with built in retention, your tool is easy to access and replace. Kydex is a pure polymer and alone will not scratch the tools they house. Kydex can have a tendency to scratch with the introduction of dirt between the polymer and the tool. Kydex sheaths and holsters have grown in popularity despite this, given their many benefits. To mitigate the problems polymers can cause I create descending layers of separation between the knife and the sheath. Each sheath is created so that the only points of contact are at the tip of the knife and the shoulders of the handle where retention is created. Between those two points the knife blade is suspended within the sheath. The space not only helps to prevent scratching but also makes for a smoother draw and replacement of the knife. Scratches will still occur, especially if dirt or mud is introduced into the sheath. Do not be dismayed. I make tools intended to be used. Wash your sheath, blow it out with an air compressor or garden hose when time permits, and carry on.

Leather is a tried and true way to carry a knife. Leather sheaths can last a lifetime and are generally comfortable to wear and quiet when drawing or sheathing your blade. I work with local leather artisans to make the sheaths for my knives. If you have a particular desire or design for your leather sheath be sure to let me know. I generally recommend deep carry fold over sheaths for many belt knives. They afford excellent protection to the knife while keeping it easily at hand.

The Warranty

My knives carry a lifetime (my lifetime, haha) warranty against defects in materials and craftsmanship. Should you have any problems with the performance of your knife please contact me via email. The item will need to be returned for inspection (user pays the cost of shipping). After receiving the item I will contact you to confer a suitable replacement or refund. Sheaths are not warrantied, however, if you have a problem with your sheath please let me know and I'll see what I can do.

Bottom line, I have a personal investment in everything I make, and its important to me that those who use my knives are satisfied with their performance. I stand behind my products and my service.

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