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Here's a little about me...

Forged in the heart of a dying star, quenched in the tears of a unicorn, blessed by a time traveling third century rabbi…..Ok, maybe not. But, I do like to think I make some pretty nice tools.

          I live on Lazy Mountain in Palmer Alaska along with my wife, a little one on the way, two dogs, two cats, and a variable number of chickens.

          I began making knives in 2014 while I was still in the Army with minimal tooling and a home made forge and jigs.  Through a varied career path knife making has since become a full time profession. My work explores stock removal, forging, as well as CNC. My knives are purpose built and tested for people who know and use knives.

My wife and I live in Alaska with our huge horse of a German Shepard, Judah, and our rescued little munchkin, Annie. Thanks to my awesome wife who built this website for me!

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