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Here's a little about me...

Forged in the heart of a dying star, quenched in the tears of a unicorn, blessed by a time traveling third century rabbi…..Ok, maybe not. But, I do like to think I make some pretty nice tools.

I’ve been fascinated by sharp things for as long as I can remember. Later, when I learned that making sharp things involved playing with fire, that pretty much set the course in motion, and I knew that one day I would have to try making some cutlery. I like hand tools in general really, axes, chisels, mallets, anything that can be used to shape the world around you. I like the way they feel in my hands and I enjoy seeing the results of their application. I like learning how to create things that are typically done by machines today. Working with my hands imbues a sense of connection to the things I create, and develops (requires) a good measure of dedication.

I began this craft with limited hand tools and determination. I purchased a battery of good Nicholson files and received a few more from my father. I built a simple, though surprisingly effective, filing jig to set the bevels. I built a small forge with homemade insulation using perlite and thermal cement. I built an electro-chemical etcher using a model train power supply to place the maker's mark. There was a lot to learn, many minor obstacles to overcome, and contraptions made to assist in the process. Making knives in this manor is quite slow and arduous, though the finished product can rival anything made by machines.

I've since tooled up with a 2x72 grinder and precision electric kiln. I think becoming a craftsman is a war of small wins over time, and over time expanding both expertise and versatility. Right now I'm concentrating on small to medium sized full tang cutlery. In the near future I'd like to begin expanding into hidden tangs and possibly folding knives. In any case, I enjoy it, and I hope you do too!

My wife and I live in Alaska with our huge horse of a German Shepard, Judah, and our rescued little munchkin, Annie. Thanks to my awesome wife who built this website for me!

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